iCourse - JIRA Service Desk

A System for Managing Requests from Kevin Trainor's Prospective, Current, and Former Students


Welcome to the iCourse - JIRA Service Desk. I have adopted this system as a replacement for regular email in order to more effectively handle requests from my prospective, current, and former students. The service desk system allows me to see your requests sooner, to respond to them more quickly, and to monitor each request until it is resolved. It also allows me to enlist the help of of my teaching assistants when they can respond to your request more quickly or when they can provide first-hand accounts regarding items that they are handling.

As you begin to use the service desk system, you will notice that I have adopted proftrainor (Prof Trainor) as my identity within the service desk system. This gives me a neutral user identity that is distinct from those which I am using at UWM and Illinois. Please, don't let this new identity scheme discourage you from addressing me as Kevin, the name that I have always encouraged students to use during my classes.

Best Regards,


Getting Started

The iCourse - JIRA Service Desk is made up of a series of portals. I have created a portal for each course that I am teaching. There is a special portal for use by former students requesting recommendations. Finally, there is an "Other" portal that can be used when none of the other portals seems appropriate. You will find the portal links organized below. Separate sections have been created for my UWM students and my Illinois students to make it easier to find your way.

The first time you visit the iCourse JIRA Service Desk server, you will need to register as a customer. This involves providing your email address, providing your full name, and choosing a password. Please identify yourself professionally and choose a secure password that you will remember. Also, please be sure to provide an email address that you check every day. If you have a university email adress, then use that. If you don't check your university email account every day, I recommend that you start that practice tomorrow.

Portals for UWM Students

Portals for Illinois Students